We are a renowned economic development firm in Africa

Specializing in investment promotion, Project Finance and Inter- intra Africa trade facilitation.

We are a leading catalyst for economic development committed to providing best-in-class services that drive economic growth, enhance market access and finance whilst promoting sustainable developments in Africa. We create value by offering comprehensive solutions, leveraging our expertise, and fostering meaningful partnerships.

Our Team

INVETA Group boasts a highly skilled and experienced team that guides the company's strategic direction and ensures the successful execution of projects and initiatives. Our leaders bring diverse backgrounds and expertise, enabling us to deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients. With a deep understanding of the African landscape and a commitment to excellence, our team fosters a culture of innovation, collaboration, and client-centricity.



Uju Paulcy is a business executive deeply committed to promoting economic development in Africa. She is the founder of the INVETA Group and also serves as the host and executive producer of Invest and Trade Africa. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Uju is widely recognized as an expert communicator in international trade, finance, investment, energy and the oil and gas industry. She has offered insights through Invest and Trade Africa and other notable platforms to governments, businesses, and organizations on a wide range of issues, including trade policy, investment promotion, and economic development strategies. Through her work as an advocate for Africa’s economic potential, she is helping to build a brighter future for Africa and the world at large.



Ugo Nwofor is a legal practitioner, Notary Public and Strategy Consultant. With more than 21 years of active and sound legal practice, Ugo's experience is creditably pronounced. He is one of the founding partners of Wealthy Partners, a firm of astute and profound legal Practitioners and is currently the Managing Partner of the Firm. As a seasoned professional, Ugo has provided strategic counsel and guidance to numerous organizations across various industries. His ability to identify opportunities, mitigate risks, and devise effective strategies has been instrumental in driving organizational growth and success. As a valued member of our Board, he brings invaluable insights, and a commitment to excellence that enhances and strengthens our corporate governance



Joannah Titus is a highly skilled lawyer specializing in business development and facilitation at INVETA Group. In her role as the Business Development and Facilitation Officer at INVETA Group, Joannah brings together her legal expertise and business acumen to drive successful investment promotion and facilitation outcomes for the company and its various partners. She has extensive experience in inter and intra African trade, oil and gas industry and the energy sector. As a seasoned lawyer, her legal expertise includes but is not limited to; Dispute Resolution, International Trade and Corporate/Commercial law with specifics in contract drafting and negotiation, regulatory compliance in the oil and gas industry, due diligence on investment projects and assessing legal risks.



Ifeyinwa is the Program Executive at INVETA Group. She is a business administrative manager with years of experience in different sector of the economy; oil and gas industry, insurance and the banking sector. She is effective in initiating and implementing healthy ideas that ensure seamless business operations and client satisfaction. She has had experience in leading and managing programs focused on promoting investment, economic growth and sustainable development in Africa. In her career, she has executed a myriad of multifaceted programs that has attracted international investors to the African economy.